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Michelin is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers and produces special tyres for almost every means of transport: cars, vans, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, earthmoving machinery, special vehicles, light rail vehicles, metros, airplanes, motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. The product portfolio covers a broad spectrum: the smallest tires have a diameter of 20 centimeters, the lightest tires weigh just over 200 grams. The largest dump truck tire measures over four meters in diameter and weighs more than five tons. Every seventh tyre in the world comes from the Michelin Group.

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Innovative tires in all categories

From mountain bikers to mine vehicule drivers, from races drivers to passenger car drivers, everyone has access to Michelin tire quality. But who knows that these tires are actually products of great technological complexity? Can you imagine that almost 150 components are used in the manufacture of each tire, that the largest one weight 5 tons, and that the fastest one performs in moto GP at 335 km/h?

We help the world to fly
We work closely with aircraft manufacturers and international airlines to help make aircraft lighter and more connected.
We help teams to win
We focus our efforts on improving technology and safety to exceed racing drivers' expectations and lead them to memorable victories.
We help to feed the planet
We innovate to increase farmers' productivity and crop yields while protecting biodiversity and the environment.
We help to build the world
We innovate through amazing projects to build the world of tomorrow.

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Michelin responds to 3 key missions:

Mobility experience

To make you live unique moments, every day Michelin accompanies you in your discoveries and new mobility experiences: