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Offer published on 29 05 2024
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Budapest, Hungary
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Executive Assistant

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We are currently recruiting an Executive Assistant for our ARB business line director, based in Budapest. Please provide a resume written in English.

What we are looking for:

  • Previous experience in a similar job;

  • Fluency in Hungarian and English (at least B2 level);

  • Problem solving skills and ability to deal with confidential imformation;

  • Team-worker attitude;

  • Customer-oriented approach.

  • Analytical thinking competencies;

  • Solution focused.

What will you do?
Collaboration with the Manager

  • Organizes and optimizes the time of the Manager: deals with all the subjects within the appropriate deadlines (included professional trips, documents/files/reporting, budget monitoring).

  • Works out the Entity annual calendar taking into account all the deadlines of the Group and of the Entity.

  • Organizes meetings and seminars (logistics, participants and content), suggests pertinent agendas, collects all the necessary information from customers / internal partners, prepares the presentations with exactitude, takes part in the meetings as a member of the Management team, drafts and disseminates the minutes, and ensures the identified actions follow-up.

  • Consolidates and analyzes information necessary to the proper functioning of the entity, both internally and externally.

  • Initiates ad-hoc meetings according to identified needs and internal/external current topics.

  • Reads Manager’s e-mails, alerts the Manager on important /urgent e-mails and answers to be provided.

  • Answers directly to Manager’s e-mails. (Optional)

Processing of requests:

  • Answers to internal/external requests in a timely manner, while respecting the Group’s values so as to ensure a positive image of the Group/Entity.

  • Manages priority, tackles emergencies while being very attentive to impacts and potential tensions to mitigate.

  • Anticipates needs/requests so as to contribute to the Group’s/Entity’s performance.

Management of files:

  • Collects pertinent information from the Entity’s teams, internal partners and any other useful source so as to prepare all the elements necessary to the activity of his/her Manager.

  • Manages specific issues, in compliance with the Manager.

  • Completes purchases and ensures by delegation a role of validation (Optional) in various fields (purchase tools/billings, travel, etc.)

  • Monitors the Entity’s budget. (Optional)

Animation of its assistants network:

  • Collects and disseminates all necessary information to the activity of the assistants of the Management team (and even wider, to the executive assistant network).

  • Organizes and conducts meetings for exchange and regular points with his/her assistants’ team.

  • Ensures the hierarchical or functional management of the assistants within his/her network. (Optional)

What we offer:

  • Flexible work schedule and home-office options;

  • Performance bonuses;

  • Cafeteria package;

  • School support;

  • Mobility support (public transport/bike);

  • Life insurance.

How we recruit:

Once you submit your application, one of our recruiters reviews it. If your profile fits our role:

  • We have a phone call to get to know each other;

  • We meet in a face to face (or online, depending the context) interview, with a recruiter and after that with the hiring manager.

Pass all stages with flying colors, and we’ll send you our offer.


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