Data Engineer

Offer published on 21 09 2023
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Pune, India
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Data Engineer

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Design and impact analysis

·        Contribute to define feasibility (technical options...), functional design and solution validation.

·        Performs impact analysis related to data captation (system performance in production, security, etc.)

·        Identifies the source of physical data

·        Enforces security and confidentiality rules for data on its perimeter

Implementation and Deployment

·        Completes and executes data collection procedures

·        Builds data collection infrastructure (IoT: Internet of Things, sensors, database, files, etc.)

·        Deploys data collection infrastructure and procedures

·        Measures the impact on the technical chain implemented (from the connected object to the storage system)

·        Completes the necessary tests to validate the solution

·        Documents the implemented solutions

Support and troubleshooting

·        Analyzes and understands the origin of a complex malfunction, incident or bug.

·        Adopts a proactive approach to avoid or identify root causes of problems.

·        Provides technical assistance to users.