How to write a covering letter ?

What your covering letter is trying to achieve ?

Your covering letter backs up your resume. It will be read if your resume catches the recruiter's attention.

Your covering letter should show:

  • that you understand what the position involves and what Michelin requires
  • how your strengths and qualities match the position
  • that you are motivated

Format of the covering letter ?

Like your resume, your covering letter must be pleasant to read.

This means:

  • keep it to 1 page
  • write short, clear sentences that are worded positively
  • write in the present and future tense
  • use "I"
  • leave space between your paragraphs
  • weed out any spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar

What to put in your covering letter ?

Your covering letter should highlight the important information in your resume. You can also add information that is relevant to the position offered.
Organize your covering letter in 3 sections.

1. Your motivation
Explain how Michelin inspires you, why you are interested in the Group and in the position offered.

2. Your strengths
Describe the skills you have acquired through your training and experience. When you list your qualities and strengths, say what you could bring us during your internship or co-op program.

3. Your plans
Present your career plan and explain how this internship or co-op program would fit in with your plan.

Before you send off your covering letter, take the time to print it out, reread it and have someone else reread it too.