How to organize your resume ?

Why your resume matters ?

Your resume has to make our recruiter want to meet you.

  • It describes your skills, experience and personality
  • The form and content should be irreproachable
  • It should be clear, uncluttered, precise and succinct
  • It serves as a basis for your interview

Getting the form right ?

When you write your resume, think about how the reader will see it. To help your reader focus on the content, make your resume easy and pleasant to read. This means:

  • use the portrait page layout
  • keep it to 1 page
  • use just one, no-frills font
  • use a font size 11 or 12
  • don't overdo the illustrations or color
  • put the most important information in bold or underlined type
  • weed out any spelling mistakes or incorrect grammar

You can insert a photo in your resume if you like. If you do, make sure your photo:

  • is good quality;
  • is an attractive shot;
  • has a neutral background.

What your resume should contain ?

Your resume should be both precise and succinct. Include information that is relevant to Michelin and the position for which you are applying.
Organize your resume into 5 sections.

1. Objective/summary
State your core area of expertise, the position sought, your available dates, the duration and timing of your internship.

2. Education and training
List the educational qualifications obtained or in progress, from the most recent to the oldest. Spell out the title of your course or school in full.

3. Work experience
List the internships, placements or jobs you have done, from the most recent to the oldest. Make sure you say what skills these experiences have given you.

4. Skills
Mention any skill that might be useful in the position sought, such as knowing how to use certain software or speak a foreign language.

5. Interests
List your personal centers of interest. Even if they have no direct bearing on your internship, they can show that you are involved and active.

Before you send off your resume, take the time to print it out, reread it and have someone else reread it too.