Working in quality at Michelin

At Michelin, we make a point of honor of guaranteeing the quality of our products for our customers. This is why our quality teams oversee the entire manufacturing chain. From the technician to the manager, our team members factor in customer feedback, identify opportunities for improvement and set up control systems at each step of the manufacturing process.

Nitranjani Ruba Pandian

Référent Qualité et Progrès

My name is Ruba PANDIAN and I am working as a RQP [Référent Qualité et Progrès] in DPPI/MPH-India. I have joined the Michelin family on March’2012. But, within a short period, I got good exposure and opportunity to work with different nationalities in the same time.

I was very excited, when I started my work as a RQP in a huge Backbone project of India. That time, everything was new for me: culture, working atmosphere & behavior, my position etc. I met my network colleagues in Clermont, US & Shenyang [China] and trained. After knowing different colleagues in different countries, I got an energy that I can do many things in India. The reason behind is the spirit and motivation from my network team. Although we have lot of problems in communication due to language differences, there is always support and cooperation between the members.

And this experience has made me realize one very important thing - Though countries are different and cultures are unique, feelings remain the same. And, acceptance of the differences, a friendly outlook & most importantly, a respect for the culture, go a long way towards fostering co-operation & making Michelin the best place to work.