Working in manufacturing at Michelin

From Michelin's offices to its workshops, our manufacturing teams' role is to provide customers with the products they need. These operators manage the synthetic rubber, compounds, fabrics, metallic products, molds and numerous other articles without which we couldn't manufacture our tires.


Production Manager

I am Ranganathan, Production Manager, Finished products, MITTPL, India. I am an Engineering Graduate with Masters in Tool design. I have been in auto component, auto and capital equipment manufacturing industries for the past 22 years, before joining Michelin in Aug 2010.

Besides getting to know the Company and its various functions, key learning relate to using various tools for Operational Excellence, both in mature and Greenfield start up situations. The emphasis on personnel development, as a major part of my role, is yet another key learning’s.

Michelin supports with highly structured training programs both for Fresher’s and Lateral entrants, Constant focus on anticipation and proactively taking actions, Campaigns to drive home the overall value of our tires in terms of fuel efficiency, longevity etc.