Working in the design/project engineering office at Michelin

In Michelin's design/project engineering office, our mechanical engineers, automation engineers and computer engineers work side by side to invent tomorrow's manufacturing processes. These processes help us to stay the most innovative manufacturer and continue to offer the best tire to all of our customers.

Jean Luc


I am Jean-Luc, have been working with Michelin since 1988, most of time in Germany and France. I joined in February 2011 as head of Engineering for our extension project in India. A good engineer must first learn how to know to make before wanting to let make. In engineering we are passionate and like the work to be perfect. The quality of our work is of primary importance for the safety of the people who are work on our machines as well as for the products which we sell to our customers. A good engineer must first know how to make before letting others make. For me our biggest challenge is to start our new factory and ensure the ramp-up with a very young team (age rate below 30 years) with just one a half year of Michelin experience. With sufficient Impats having good knowledge of the processes, help and coach our new colleagues to become quickly autonomous. Trainings are obviously very important and will be the priority at the beginning. Now with some hindsight, I am sure we have a big potential in our young teams and we will fulfill all challenges ahead.