Working in research and development at Michelin

At Michelin, 6,600 researchers, developers and industrial engineers work in our 4 research centers and our many test centers to improve our tires' performance. R&D teams address a range of innovation objectives, such as halving braking distances, reducing rolling resistance and noise, improving grip, extending tire lifespan, etc.


Mechanical Engineer

My name is Serge, I am a Mechanical Engineer from Belgium with a Master degree. I joined Michelin France in January 1992 as a Product Industrialization Engineer. In 1996, I managed a pluri-disciplinary team in charge of developing Truck and Bus Tires for Europe. Then in 2000, I moved to Bangkok – Thailand to be the first Truck and Bus Tires Technical Director for Asia-Pacific. In 2007, back in our French R&D Center, I was in charge of managing a worldwide Research projects portfolio. In 2009 I became the North America Research Truck and Bus Tires Technical Director in our Greenville-SC Research Center in USA.

Since July 2012, I am leading a program to create a R&D center in India. My career at Michelin demonstrates there are a lot of options to grow within Michelin R&D and that Michelin R&D is a true international network. I worked across the globe with international R&D teams and I can testify one of Michelin’s strength is to capitalize on people with various cultures and backgrounds who will create the most innovative and robust products for our customers in every market we serve.

I see our challenges as driving forces that make our jobs so interesting. We want to stay the leaders in Innovation and bring it as quick as possible to the markets. We need to make sure we bring additional value for our customers and that our manufacturing cost remains competitive. Also, working in an international environment, with worldwide teams, is a fascinating and fun experience but requires good leadership, communication and managerial skills to succeed.

Michelin has always provided me with the necessary training required for the jobs. Also the quality of Management at Michelin is such that you are allowed to take risks and that your Manager will support you. The Michelin values represent a foundation that creates a strong link within teams. For example, whatever the difficulty, everyone will respect each other; respect the facts and the customers. This really makes things easier to overcome any challenge.