We help people get to know Michelin better: welcome to our new digital careers universe!

Whether you’re an applicant for a job offer in Brazil or a student interested in choosing a career path in Romania, we want to offer you a unique set of digital tools to give you insight into Michelin’s universe, job opportunities and values. And share the unique collective spirit that drives our teams, with one aim in mind: #ExcellingTogether.

Michelin recruited 6,948 new team members worldwide in 2014. 

It’s been a great challenge for these new hires and a lot of responsibility for us to make sure that from their first search for information right up until their onboarding, they can easily find the answers to their questions and ensure Michelin is the perfect match for them!

Recruitment in the digital age on michelincareers.com

Many online channels are available today. That’s why we felt our digital universe should fulfill the promises of proximity, interactivity, and reactivity offered by Internet and social networks, putting our visitors’ needs first.

Our worldwide careers website has therefore been redesigned for a more user-friendly experience, especially on mobile devices. Available in no less than 13 languages in 39 countries, the website will give visitors a chance to hear the stories of the women and men who are working to ensure a better way forward , thanks to innovation and strong team spirit.

When I see Michelin win, it’s a bit like if I had won myself” 

Fayçal, production operator

See some of the many faces at Michelin: Fayçal, a production operator for motorsport tires, explaining his pride in helping teams win  and describing the empowered organization that allows more autonomy and responsibility in the workplace. Or Laurent, a production training manager for the Agricultural Product Line, who gives his view of teamwork, “From the beginning to the end of the production line, we work as one” .

What these stories have in common is Michelin’s commitment to a better way forward - for you, for us all: for our employees who benefit from a personalized career path, or for the company which can build upon on the varied and complementary talents of our workforce and an outstanding collective spirit. A single goal: the constant search for better mobility through innovation.

These portraits and many more will also be available on our permanent video platform, the Michelin YouTube Channel.

Keeping in touch on Facebook and LinkedIn

Another innovation on the website: students or recent graduates will also find useful tips to help them apply for a job or an internship with us. The online application process has been revamped to ensure as few clicks as possible between the job offer search engine and the actual application.

And if the perfect job at Michelin is not yet online, it is easy to keep in touch with us and follow our news: on the International “Michelin Careers” Facebook page or our LinkedIn Careers Page .

We’ll be glad to read comments and answer any questions there. With one aim: #ExcellingTogether.