Creating tomorrow’s airplane tires today

The Michelin name is synonymous with excellence in innovation, and with a client portfolio that is second to none, Michelin are the world-leader in tires.

Here Jérémy PAPON, Michelin Aircraft Tire’s Global Marketing Communications Manager, talks about what makes clients and workers alike entrust their futures to Michelin.

 The aeronautical market is an advanced technology industry in full growth. This sector sees a meeting of high technology and passionate people. To find the solutions that the customers need, we have developed permanent relationships with manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing

Jeremy Papon

 Michelin pioneers and continuously leads the smart innovations that anticipate customers’ needs. They have been behind most of major aircraft tire breakthroughs over the years, from the first radial tire on a jet fighter - the Dassault Mirage 3 in 1981, to radial tires with NZG technology (Near Zero Growth) in 2001, which have been in use with Airbus’ flagship A380 airliner.

Just his February, in partnership with Boeing, Michelin introduced the latest evolution of NZG technology for the B777-300ER.

“You know that millions of Michelin radial tires have already landed on runways all over the world. Don’t forget that Michelin was the first tire manufacturer to encourage the development of aviation back in 1908,” notes Jérémy Papon.

Working for Michelin can lead to a multitude of exciting opportunities, according to Jérémy Papon.

“We are an innovative company and this extends to our working practices. We want to push the empowerment and creativity of our employees by promoting a diversity of jobs inside the Group. Michelin allows you to build a career, throughout the world, through natural gateways between the various business units of the Group.”

Inside the aeronautics division at Michelin, engineers work with the very latest technology to help create the tires of tomorrow.

“We are the tire industry’s single largest R&D investor, with the critical size to innovate,” Jérémy Papon adds. “In addition to our own research centres, Michelin Aircraft has innovation programs within the aircraft manufacturers themselves.”

One more reason why Michelin’s aircraft division is recognized as the worldwide leader in advanced technological development.